Take your kid fishing

Take your kids fishing – there are worse things they could be doing – By Britto Regular readers will know I have 3 young sons – all have been mad keen on fishing from a young age, and the youngest is just about to turn 2, and the eldest is 8. As soon as they […]


  Over the past few months, students involved in the Connections – Fish for the Future program at Lara Secondary College have been learning about local fish stocking initiatives, recreational fishing guidelines, effects of introduced species, marine parks, commercial fish harvesting processes and various other marine and environmental issues. Of course, the program also aims […]

Bream on Blades

  Now that we’re well and truly in the midst of the cooler weather, most southern black bream have long departed the shallow flats and structure laden shorelines in favour of deeper haunts. Whether preparing to spawn, resting between more active feeding periods, travelling from one part of a system to another, escaping from floodwater, […]

Southern Estuary Tactics – Brent Hodges

  Tackling any estuary system with lures and soft plastics for the first time is an exciting prospect. Irrespective of the location, visualising that first hook up never ceases to get the juices flowing. Arriving at the boat ramp high on expectation, your enthusiasm and emotions soon come crashing down, however, when those first few […]

QLD Open 2015 – By Britto and Wish

It was almost 12 years ago that we got into the bream luring caper, and whilst its not clear how it happened, it came to be that of all the fishing we do, the QLD Open was the only event we now fish together. It is such an enjoyable event and one which we love, […]

On the Edge, Over Bass

Our dams (or stocked impoundments), remain incredibly popular destinations across our country. Often very large bodies of water many choose to fish deep after locating fish on their sounder and employ the successful techniques of dropping blades, vibes and soft plastics to what are hopefully hungry fish. Often over looked are the edges themselves and […]

Victoria’s Mulloway Resurgence – Brent Hodges

 Mulloway (or Jewfish) have been in far greater numbers in southern parts of Australia over the past few years. In fact, since the drought breaking rains back in late 2010, many bay and open estuary environments have seen an influx of juvenile schoolies ranging in size from well under the 60 cm legal limit up […]

Meet Your Nemesis

Berkley Nemesis Over the many years of lure casting it would be almost impossible to sit and list the varying types of plastics and artificials I have thrown around. What always holds serious appeal however is when a soft plastic can be labelled as a real ‘all rounder’. By this I mean a soft plastic […]

Team Berkley wins VicBream Classic GF – Gippsland 2015

VicBream Classic GF – Gippsland 2015 As the 2015 year comes to a speedy end, the last event on the calendar was the VicBream Classic Grand Final. A total of 49 teams including 5 from Tasmania were ready to battle not only each other but the Gippsland Lakes’ bream in an attempt to take victory […]

Pinkie Snapper on Plastics – By Brent Hodges

Pinkie Snapper on Plastics By Brent Hodges Snapper season is now in full flight down here in Victoria and over the past month or so I’ve been out on Port Phillip Bay working the inshore shallow reef areas with Berkley Gulp! soft plastics. By shallow, I’m talking depths of just 3 to 6m where those […]