Berkley E Motion 7’ 1-3kg – Spinning Rod Review by Adam Royter

  The E-Motion rod range is extensive in variety and as with most ranges of rods, there are always sweeter cherries to be pick out of the bunch. One of those is the 7’ 1-3kg. It’s taken from the extra fast action of the 6’10” ‘Dropshot’ rods we have come to love, with an accentuated […]

PowerBait twitchTail review

The 3” Power Minnow (3” bass minnow if you’re old) has been a staple in the tackle bags of Aussie and NZ anglers for nearly 2 decades. It’s the skinny little minnow that catches everything whether it swims in fresh or salt water. Something I always wanted out of the Power Minnow, but could never […]

Berkley E-Motion Review – Todd Riches

Berkley E-Motion Rod Review I have been using the Berkley E-Motion performance series range of rods over the last 6 months and to say I am amazed with the quality of these rods is an understatement. For such a cheap price tag (Under $100 in some places!), you get a rod that is strong, lightweight […]

Round 3 VicBream Classic  – Mallacoota. Brad Hodges

As we always do, Dad (Mike Hodges) and I were looking forward to heading out to far east Victoria to fish the mighty Mallacoota inlet. Over the past few years the fishing has changed at ‘coota’. In the past, 5kg bags were needed to be in the lead and 10kg plus often won the comp, […]

Luring BIG Bream: Part 1 (Bibbed Minnows) By Brent Hodges

       So, you’re keen to catch big bream on lures, but don’t know where to start. I remember that feeling. Perhaps you’ve caught a few relatively modest specimens and it’s now time to tackle the big bruisers.  Admittedly, figuring out all the subtle intricacies from scratch can be a somewhat perplexing exercise. To help […]

Luring BIG Bream: Part 2 Metal Blades. Brent Hodges

  An ever-expanding range of lures suitable for bream exists on the Australian market. Each design has a specific purpose best suited to prospecting particular forms of fish holding structure. Seasonal variations, as well as the combination of tidal flow or current, structure and food supply, generally dictate where bream are likely to be lurking […]

Colours – What Do They Want? Adam Royter

Colours are one of, if not the most talked about and fussed over things we do with lures. Why? Do the fish really care? An angler walks into a tackle store and straight up to the lure wall. Flicking through the racks of lures he looks anxious and a little edgy. “How are you today” […]

Vic Bream Classic – Gippsland Lakes – Brad Hodges

Prefish Our plan was to work out a pattern or two and locate, as well as eliminate, key areas that we could fish confidently throughout the tournament. I had expected the conditions to be tough for fishing with cold crystal clear water and wet wintery weather predicted over the weekend. We had a slow start […]

Bite Makers

I’ve seen the progression of hundreds, if not thousands of people’s fishing careers and they all seem to go roughly the same way. They start wanting to know it all, then move on to thinking they ‘do’ know it all, when realistically they know just a little more than when they started (thank you internet). […]

2017 Bream Grand Final – Brad Hodges

There’s a saying in sport ‘you’ve got to lose a Grand Final before you can win one’, and I sure hope that’s true! When St Georges Basin was announced as the ABT Grand Final location for 2016, I was really looking for to it. It’s a venue I’d always wanted to fish, but never had […]