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    • Unique shrimp imitation with fluttering action on the fall. On the bottom the tail offers a slow fluttering action imitation a feeding shrimp.
    • Ribbed body and hook slit for easy rigging.
    • Ideal for fresh and salt water applications.
    • Absolutely lethal on most predatory fish. This bait makes quick darts and smooth glides to imitate escaping baitfish.
    • Designed to glide back and forth through the water in a manner than mimics a wide variety of forage fish in both freshwater and saltwater.
    • Darting quick glide excites fish and triggers them to bite.
    • Very versatile – can be rigged on deep water jig heads
    • Brand new pro-designed colours and fish catching flare.
    • Big profile on bite-size bait gives a big target.
    • Great tail action swims at all speeds
    • Realistic action even at slow to medium speeds.
    • The Hollow cavity gives the bait a more natural swimming action.
    • Realistic detailed colours with 3D eye.
    • Half worm profile offer realistic action.
    • Proven fish-catching scent and flavour built in.
    • Pro-designed eye-popping colours that call fish in.
    • Perfectly suited to use with New Snap Jigs.
    • Classic Berkley minnow design featuring a tail with action that is irresistible to most estuary and fresh water species.
    • Brand new pro-designed colours add fish catching flare
    • Exclusive PowerBait scent and flavour
    • Perfectly suited to use with NEW Snap Jigs
  • Combine the fish catching profile of a Jerkshad and the enticing tail action of a grub and you get the Berkley Nemesis. Designed in Australia the Nemesis shape is now available in Powerbait formula. The tail action of this shape has to be seen to be believed. On the drop or on the wind, the Nemesis tail swims at the slowest of speeds delivering continuous lifelike action.

  • The big daddy of grubs at 8 inches, this mega grub has been brought into the PowerBait line up in Pearl White and Lumo colours only.

    Featuring a tapered body that offers extra grub keeper holding power to balance the drag the fast swimming tail produces. An ideal choice for bombing reefs for tropical reefies like fingermark and trout up north to big snapper and kingies down south. Rig them on Nitro Saltwater Pro’s or Elevator heads for best results.

    As with all Berkley plastics, the scent is built in and a proven winner.

    Size: 8″

  • The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad features a sleek profile complete with extremely life-like details, including 3D eyes and natural translucent colours. The ribs or ripples extending all the way to the bait’s tail set it apart from other similar baits on the market, creating additional water disturbance and vibration as well as a larger surface area for the PowerBait scent to work its magic. The paddle tail imparts the thumping vibration and classic swimming motion of a swimbait.

    Tough, durable and designed for big fish, Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shads come in 16cm, 20cm and 25cm.

    Available in unrigged and pre rigged models.

    Pre-rigged and weighted for the perfect swimming action right out of the package, with a large top hook and a 360 degree swivelled belly treble.

  • INTRODUCING the new Berkley Powerbait Dropshot Shad. Its translucency, married with the inner mylar foil give it the appearance of a real live baitfish.

    3D eyes, translucent colours and micro sparkles complete this realistic morsel.

    Available in 2in and 3in sizes and six colours the Dropshot Minnow is perfect for clear water ‘match the hatch’ applications.

  • INTRODUCING the new Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad. Its translucency, married with the inner mylar foil give it the appearance of a real live baitfish.

    The firmness has been carefully studied to get the best vibration from the paddle tail, 3D eyes and micro sparkles complete this realistic shad.

    Available in 3in and 4in sizes and eight colours the Gotam Shad is suited to a large variety of situations.

  • The new Powerbait T-Tail Shad features a classic ribbed worm body profile with ribbed. Proven fish takers, the T-Tail Shad’s T-shaped rear
    end has a tight vibrating action at the slowest of retrieves. On the drop or on the hop, the T-Tail Shad tail vibrates and flutters lifelike action
    that is irresistible to fish.
    Fish the Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Shad for trophy trout and mega bass with confidence and it is suited to match the Berkley Nitro Jigheads.
    Each Powerbait T-Tail Shad is also loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor formula, which causes fish to hold on
    18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks.

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