Berkley Jig It Fish Stix

Berkley Jig It Fish Stix


  • Perfectly balanced & centre weighted slow fall jig
  • Comes pre rigged with tapered edge point assist hook


Berkley Jig It FISH STIX jigs are designed for light jigging application.

The unique design and high quality holographic finish proven to attract a wide range of pelagic and reef species.

Cast one of these deadly fish attractors and quickly wind it back with an intermittent jigging motion that big pelagics love. Or drop straight

down where the fish are and jig it in up and down motion.

Comes pre rigged with tapered edge point assist hook.

Available in 7, 14, 21, 45, 60 & 90 gram sizes

Berkley Jig it


1453805 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 7GM
1453806 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 7GM
1453807 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Pink Flash Pink Flash 7GM
1453808 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Blue Flash Blue Flash 7GM
1453809 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Silver Flash Silver Flash 7GM
1453810 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 7GM
1453811 BERJGIT-FishStix 7GM Purple Dream Purple Dream 7GM
1453812 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 14G
1453813 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 14G
1453814 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Pink Flash Pink Flash 14G
1453815 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Blue Flash Blue Flash 14G
1453816 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Silver Flash Silver Flash 14G
1453817 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 14G
1453818 BERJGIT-FishStix 14G Purple Dream Purple Dream 14G
1453819 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 21G
1453820 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 21G
1453821 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Pink Flash Pink Flash 21G
1453822 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Blue Flash Blue Flash 21G
1453823 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Silver Flash Silver Flash 21G
1453824 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 21G
1453825 BERJGIT-FishStix 21G Purple Dream Purple Dream 21G
1453826 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 45G
1453827 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 45G
1453828 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Pink Flash Pink Flash 45G
1453829 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Blue Flash Blue Flash 45G
1453830 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Silver Flash Silver Flash 45G
1453831 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 45G
1453832 BERJGIT-FishStix 45G Purple Dream Purple Dream 45G
1453833 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 60G
1453834 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 60G
1453835 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Pink Flash Pink Flash 60G
1453836 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Blue Flash Blue Flash 60G
1453837 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Silver Flash Silver Flash 60G
1453838 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 60G
1453839 BERJGIT-FishStix 60G Purple Dream Purple Dream 60G
1453840 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Dolly Drop Dolly Drop 90G
1453841 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G SBR Stripe SBR Stripe 90G
1453842 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Pink Flash Pink Flash 90G
1453843 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Blue Flash Blue Flash 90G
1453844 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Silver Flash Silver Flash 90G
1453845 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Lumo Stripe Lumo Stripe 90G
1453846 BERJGIT-FishStix 90G Purple Dream Purple Dream 90G