Shallow & Deep Fat Dog

A classic fat slow roller or twitch bait, the Fat Dog gives you two diving depths to choose from for two completely different fishing options. The Deep Fat Dog is a gun rock wall and tree snag specialist. With a crazy deep bib to smash into the structure and wake the fish up letting you know when you’re right in the mix, this fast diving HB will serve you well when you have a deep short window strike zone. The Shallow Fat Dog is a blast and a half to fish! You can’t go wrong with this round ball of plastic and steel. Pick one, tie it on, chuck it out and start winding….any other questions? Seriously, it doesn’t matter what you want to catch, you will be more than likely catch it on the shallow Fat Dog. Fantastic lure for flats or over weed beds, from trout to bream and everything in-between. The 3B Fat Dog series comes with OWNER #14 ST36BC trebles & #0 P04 Ring.

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3B Shallow Fat Dog – length : 38mm / weight : 3.5gm / depth : 1m
3B DeepFat Dog – length : 38mm / weight : 4gm / depth : 2.5m