Next generation in slow jig technology! Designed in Australia by Matt Fraser. Squiddo is the next generation slow jig that combines slow movement with scent and action with the addition of Gulp or Powerbait soft baits. Fish attracting features include the pulsing silicone skirts, lifelike 3D eye and finishes complete with UV accents for extra appeal in deepwater. The Squiddo head is shaped to mimic a squid, the torpedo shape also improves sink rate for deepwater applications. The unique Owner CENTRING-PIN SPRING allows the addition of scent and flavour via softbait additions. Attach a Gulp or PowerBait by screwing the plastic onto the Centering Pin Spring adding scent and flavour to provide the best in slow jig technology. Squiddo replacement hooks and skirts are also available (sold separately).

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Product Description

Squiddo sizes – weight : 28g / 57g / 113g