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    • Super strong – Incredible strength for confidence and control
    • Shock resistant – Controlled stretch adds fighting power
    • Extra tough and abrasion resistant – Tough against rough or sharp objects
    • Outstanding knot strength – Strong and durable holding power
  • • Designed for optimal strength and abrasion resistance

    • Fish confidently in heavy cover

  • • Designed for optimal strength and casting distance

    • Smooth for long and quiet casts

  • FireLine® has been a leader in the superline category for years. FireLine was always smooth and now it is even smoother. FireLine was always tough and now it is even tougher. Just about every characteristic of the line is now improved. FireLine, thermally fused with Dyneema®, performs best on spinning tackle with longer casts, up to 17% longer due to the new smoother coating formula. The abrasion resistance is improved resulting in less fraying. It also has 3% greater strength retention after wear; standing up to rocks and timber.

    Colour: Crystal, Flame Green, Smoke
    Spool Length: 112m/125yds
    Lb test/dia.: 2lb/0.08mm, 3lb /0.10mm, 4lb/ 0.13mm, 6lb/0.15mm, 8lb/0.18mm, 10lb/0.19mm, 14lb/0.20mm, 20lb/0.23mm, 30lb/0.29mm

  • Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications.

    The unique fusing process using heat to molecularly bind thousands of Dyneema fibres gives Fireline Ultra 8 more body than regular braids. The body and heft of Fireline Ultra 8  delivers unique handling properties and superb manageability. More tolerant of line twist than traditional soft braids, Fireline Ultra 8 performs exceptionally well on spinning reels meaning less loose loops and less wind knots on the water.

    The 8 strand fusing process also gives Fireline Ultra 8 several significant advantages.

    Fireline Ultra 8 is 4X more abrasion resistant than original Fireline, often regarded as the benchmark in toughness. Ultra 8 stands up to structure such as mangroves, barnacles, reef and wrecks. That means more fish in the boat.

    Rounder and smoother, Fireline Ultra 8 casts 10% further than traditional Fireline expanding your fishing zone.

    Fireline Ultra 8 retains superb knot strength and near zero stretch delivering a telegraphic feel for structure and strikes.

    The unique fusing process produces a round profile that resists digging into the spool under heavy loads and never separates like many standard braids.

    New Fireline Ultra 8 thermally fuses 8 braided strands to create a line that is 4X More Abrasion Resistant and casts 10% further than traditional Fireline while retaining that Fireline sensitivity and manageability.

    • Ultra Strong and Thin – Our highest strength-per-diameter mono – wet or dry
    • Ultra Sensitive – Super sensitivity for detecting light bites
    • Smooth Control – Low memory for outstanding castability and handling
    • Maximum Knot Strength – More fish-fighting capability and holding power
    • Extra Limp
    • Smooth handling
    • Neutral bouyancy
    • Strong and reliable
    • Value for money
  • Vanish leader material is 100% fluorocarbon. It is extremely abrasive resistant and has excellent knot strength. Like all Vanish products is virtually invisible to fish. A handy feature indeed! Available in 30, 40 and 50 yard leader spools and 250yd filler spools, Vanish is a favourite among tournament and social anglers for it’s reliability and superior handling.

    • The best Vanish® formula ever
    • Remains clear underwater – 100% fluorocarbon refracts light similar to water
    • Sinks underwater – more sensitive and a more direct profile from rod tip to lure
    • Superior Wet Strength – Non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance underwater
    • Flexible – Most fluorocarbons are stiff, Vanish is more flexible

  • Berkley Whiplash is constructed utilising a special formula creating a strong durable braid thanks to the use of 100% Micro Dyneema fibres. This results in a hardwearing and smooth casting braid suitable for many applications. Berkley Whiplash is an established favourite with anglers around the world being very angler friendly, robust and still with an extremely low diameter constructed using 100% Micro Dyneema fibres. A great Superline for using on fixed spool or multiplier reels. Berkley Whiplash can be used for many styles of fishing, whether it’s as a mainline for casting extreme distances or spinning with light lures, Berkley Whiplash is a very versatile braid.

Showing all 10 results